Season 1
One Big Happy

17 March, 2015

Season 1

Season 1 premiered 17 March, 2015 and ended 29 April, 2015, consisting of a total of six episodes.


Lesbian Lizzy is having a baby with her best friend Luke, who is in love with Prudence.



Picture Title No. Prod.
Original air date U.S. viewers
One Big Happy Pilot 1 276080 17 March, 2015 5.47[1]
Best friends Lizzy and Luke's plans to have a baby together are suddenly derailed when Luke meets British woman Prudence. Luke marries Prudence on their second date so that she can stay in the country, but then Lizzy reveals that her pregnancy attempt has been a success.
One Big Happy Out of the Closet 2 4X6902 24 March, 2015 3.79[2]
While the trio attempt to adjust to their new living arrangements, Prudence's attempt to help Lizzy move on from an old girlfriend results in Lizzy going on another date with her ex, while Luke is uncomfortable about Prudence's old puppets.
One Big Happy Crushing It 3 4X6904 14 April, 2015 3.82[3]
Lizzy scores a date with a woman she has been crushing on at her local gym, but the relationship is abruptly halted when the woman is revealed to be a nurse working for Lizzy's gynecologist; meanwhile, Prudence feels dejected when she realizes that there is no clear term for her role in Luke and Lizzy's developing family.
One Big Happy Flight Risk 4 4X6903 21 April, 2015 3.57[4]
Luke's concerns that Prudence may get bored with him result in him alienating Lizzy and pushing himself too hard on various risky stunts.
One Big Happy A Tale of Two Hubbies 5 4X6905 21 April, 2015 3.76[5]
Prudence, Lizzy and Luke head to Vegas and learn that the marriage wasn't legal. Lizzy decides to help them have a new wedding. However, they learn that Prudence was married to Martin (Steve Valentine) in England and despite her signing divorce papers, he didn't.
One Big Happy Wedlocked 6 4X6906 29 April, 2015 3.08[6]
Luke disappears after learning about Prudence being married in England. While Lizzy tries to console Prudence and fix the situation, Luke hits the bars with Marcus.


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